Hospitality consulting

We find partners and projects for new investments in this area and chances for new businesses, and improve the operation of facilities in operation.

  1. Market research
  2. Development of business plans, individual plans and feasibility studies
  3. Finding professional staff, management at all levels
  4. Training of existing staff
    • organizing trainings for managers
    • organizing trainings for cooks
    • organizing trainings for waiters
    • inside or outside the organization
    • monitoring the results of training

Consultations with the best experts in this field
• categorization, appraisal, categorization of new or existing facilities

Our team includes associates with years of experience in practical and scientific work. According to the needs, we invite experts for the given topic, location and sphere of business when creating new businesses, as well as experts for the diagnosis of the condition and the elimination of specific problems of the business.

  1. Msc Ana Aleksić
  2. Dr Obren Drljević
  3. Komnen Bakić
  4. Jovica Nešković
  5. Zoran Knežević