There are many reasons for hosting a corporate celebration and the benefits are many and not always obvious. Celebrations enhance employee morale and motivation and contribute to better communication, and from the company point of view they are an ideal opportunity to look back and announce upcoming events, enhance employee perspective, show organizational stability, improve company image, market credibility, build brand identity, strengthen your sales and marketing campaign.

We mark the important dates of each company and each calendar year together. Good business years, good results from an action, in a team building or simply a gathering – entrust them to the Event Planner. We may remember some space that you left out when considering it, or we may install a room so that you will not recognize it, we will accompany the topic you envisioned. Competitive offers are the result of long-term cooperation with service providers in the field.

Our activities:

• Event planning, cost estimation
• Space
• Music
• Invitations
• Decoration
• Photographer
• Event monitoring
• After the event – thank you notes, pictures, to remember …