Team building

The term team building has been used a lot lately. A distinction should be made between “building the morale” of a team and “building a team”. Building team morale is achieved through company dinners, picnics or other interesting activities, but while they are a very good way to raise morale, events like these are not enough to create a team. In contrast, a real Team Building should be designed to bring employees and employers together, not just for fun, but to work together to solve a problem in a constructive way. Activities should be designed to empower the individual to contribute to the common goal – to strengthen teamwork.

Investing in employees encourages teamwork and supports organizational culture. We recognize the individual needs of each company and nurture the individuality of each team in creating activities that will lead to a goal.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each individual member is the team.

Phil Jackson

Lead your team with new ideas on or off the premises. You design a theme, we’ll make a story around it. We will promote team spirit and create synergy.

• Event planning
• Cost estimate
• Space – inside or outside the organization
• Catering
• Event monitoring
• After the event – thank you notes, pictures, to remember…